Bay Area Bridge School
Claude W. Cain III, Ph.D, Instructor
 5074B Diamond Heights Blvd
 San Francisco, CA 

Claude W. Cain III, Ph.D has been teaching bridge for over 25 years and has graduated over 8000 students; almost 1000 have gone on to become Life Masters. The past five presidents of the San Francisco unit (unit 506)of the American Contract Bridge League ( ACBL ) are former or current students of Dr. Cain. A recent book and television personality, as well as a lover of bridge, he believes that bridge will not become an Olympic Sport. However, "bridge is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. "

Here's what some of his students say:

"Though we probably don't say it often enough, I think most of us lucky ones who show up on Thursday evenings do realize how much time and energy is extended on our behalf...You share your home, your books, your advice, your love of the game, and most of all, your self with us all. You treat us like friends and yet it's always and forever you who's doing all the work. If all of this is your gift to San Francisco and the game of bridge, then the least we can do is say thank you. Truly and sincerely, thanks for everything."

"Not only have I taken Claude's lessons, I have purchased 5 of his books for friends all over the country."

Eddie Kantar, world champion and author of numerous bridge books and articles rates Claude "the best bridge teacher in the Bay Area."

Victor Mollo, prolific English bridge author says, "Claude has some of the most interesting bidding ideas I have ever seen."




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